Laser Targeting Imaging Measuring Thermal Camera For Virus Protection

Certificate:ISOColor:White, Black, Other
Usage:Professional TestingWarranty:1 Year
Measuring Range:200advantage:Infrared detector - the core of the thermal imager performance
Function:Support Wide dynamic, strong light suppressionSYSTEM one:Single tube double light body temperature screening system
precision:±0.3℃(boldface),no boldface±0.4℃pixel5mp Visible light hd camera
Infrared detector:384*288/640*480temperature measurement No need to take off mask
warning:Voice alarm, over temperature record information processing and storage, video real-time storageApplication scenariosAirport, railway station, bus station, dock, hospital, school, office building, factory and other adult flow park.
System composition:Boldface (optional), tripodSTSTEM TWOSpherical thermogenic temperature screening system
Lead Time :
Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 1 2 - 5 >5
Est. Time(days) 3-7 5-10 To be negotiated

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